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  • Don't wast your time

    Don't wast your time

    Use MovieStarPlanet Cheats to get more Starcoins and Diamonds!

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    Download and open MSP Cheats. Enter your Username, number of resources and click "Patch Game".

  • Works for everyone

    Works for everyone

    Perfect for PC and mobile game version!

Everything is working fine!! 3 months Star VIP + 300 diamonds and 20.000 starcoins are on my account thanks!
- 21.09.2017

By using our MovieStarPlanet Cheats players can enjoy this game even more than before. For example, with only few extra Diamonds you can make it to grow your Pet instantly or send to your friend a Special Greeting (you both will receive 500 starcoins and 3000 fam!). It’s also possible buy premium clothes to look like the real celebrity.. don’t forget about new car and all this stuff like: cool animations, game machine or summer camp tent. If you want to level up very fast, we can recommend you ‘Spin the Faw Wheel! where it is possible to get even 6.000 Fam points.

If you still wonder how it works, here is an explanation. Download our MSP program and open it. Then you have to put username you use in the game, and click on “Connect”. It will connect you with the game servers immediately. Next step is to choose for how long do you want to get Star VIP (1 week = 7 days, 1 month = 30 days and 3 months = 90 days). After this you just have to select which resources you want to send into your account, select both if you want both of them. Last thing to do is click on the “Patch Game” button. Wait few seconds and you should get a message saying to check your account. That means, everything is ok and you can now use all this new Diamonds and StarCoins!

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beautiful, thank you and love from France
Paris, France
i send my sister 100 diamonds and now she have to clean my room haha <33
Warsaw, Poland
i have 3 months star vip and im getting now many friend requests
Amy K.
Amy K.
Los Angeles, USA